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Have you ever experience the frustrations and stresses of arriving  home only to realize that  your fridge or any critical home appliance cold room or freezer room not working which is definitely going to cost you money and time .Even worsewhen you run a business because you can’t make profit. In the current economy homeowners and business owners need to save if they really want to survive, most people will tell you why not a buy new appliance. While truth is you will probably pay in instalment for many years double the cost or pay huge cash amounts to buy a new appliance. Fixing your appliance beat your new appliance cash buyand instalment agreement which is more than two times the cash buy. In this tough economy we really need our money to work hard for us, we are experiencing load shading now and then in South Africa these damages appliances more than anything, this just to name few challenges we have in as home owners, business peoples, public at large. People we really need to change our money spending habits.

We reduce your frustrations by fixing, servicing, installing new units, most of major domestic and commercial appliances for you. We are mobile online based private company working in Gauteng Province, with wealth of experience you are guaranteed satisfaction. With our 1-day services, repairing at your home or at your shop you do not need to worry about moving up and down with appliances and paying lot of money for transport foryour appliance to be evaluated. We specialise with major domestic appliances, air conditioning, refrigeration services, ranging from repairs, installations, and servicing. This includes fridge repairs, freezer repair, icemakers repairs, tumble dryers repairs, washing machines repairs, electric stove repairs, electric ovens repairs, chest freezers repairs, dishwasher repairs, chillers repairs, cold rooms repairs, air conditioners repairs, ice machines repairs and microwaves repairs services. Our team consist of technicians and engineers working together to unravel your appliance troubles and sorts them out.

We have successfully repaired, installed, and serviced for businesses, public and homeowners over the past 5 years. You get full 6 months guarantee on the work done together with peace of mind that your appliance is been repaired by people who are fully insured, registered and who know what they are doing. Our love for troubleshooting machines is where our strength is. Fill our INQUERY FORM with your name, home or business address, appliance type, problems and appliance pictures for even faster service or call numbers below. Refer to our services for your appliance.


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